Tuesday, January 14, 2014

3D experience

In my life, I had many chances to experience 3D. From cross-eyed viewing of pictures to 3D cinemas.
My best 3-dimensional experience of all time was an IMAX 3D cinema which unfortunately no longer exists in our country.

It was the REAL 3D, it felt like you are really in the movie.
Nowadays we have so called "Digital 3D cinemas" which project movies like The hobbit, Avatar and all new 3D stuff. Yes, there is some depth, a bit of pop-out effect, but overall is not good. It's nothing in comparison to what Imax cinema can offer.

Imax cinemas have much bigger screen than others, also they do not suffer from cross-talking problems like a lot of cinemas here today. Both visual and sound experience was awesome in Imax.  

What is your experience with 3D cinemas today? Write in the discussion!